16 Jun 2016

We have all seen different types of heating controls you can use in the home to make it energy efficient but sometimes they can seem quite complicated, below we will explain the function of the thermostat and how it has changed from the conventional wall mounted room thermostats. These thermostats we include with all of our installs.

Wireless Room Thermostats

Room Thermostats became common as more boilers were installed and this allowed you to set the temperature in the home at a level that suited you. Now as boilers have moved on we can now offer Wireless Room Thermostats as part of our installs, Wireless Room Thermostats allow you place the thermostat anywhere in the home and have the ability to control the temperature of the boiler. The thermostat also has a built in sensor that detects the temperature of the room so that if the temperature of the room drops below the comfortable temperature you have set on the thermostat it will turn the boiler on to bring it back up to that temperature. This increases energy efficiency as the boiler will only be turned on when it drops below the required temperature, the controls are also simple to understand and use.

The Wireless Room Thermostats also come with a programmable function so you can set the times of day the heating will turn on and set to a certain temperature for that time period. For example you may set it so the boiler turns on in the morning for an hour before you wake up then as you leave for work the boiler can be set to a low temperature all day so the boiler stays off and then could be set to come on before you are due home, this means then when no one is at home the boiler doesn’t have to be on and will save you money in the long run.


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