11 Jul 2018

You may have seen in the news that there has been a big push to get renewable energy to the forefront of energy production. It’s been on the agenda for years and as technology has progressed it renewable energy has moved along but not quite close enough to take the top spot from its Nuclear and fossil fuel companions.

That now might all be set to change, last year the government released figures regarding the amount of energy that was created through Low-Carbon sources (Wind, Solar & Nuclear) and it showed some surprising figures. The breakdown showed that Low-Carbon Energy accounted for more than half of all electricity generated, inside this it showed that Renewable’s accounted for 29% of electricity generated while nuclear only accounted for 21%.

This could be the first step on the long road to clean and renewable energy being the main source of energy generation, seeing the fields of solar panels or wind turbines on the horizon and realising that they are no longer a secondary source of energy generation, they are now the Primary source of energy generation.

However, there are still many obstacles to overcome on this road, improving efficiency of energy storage, increasing efficiency and output of energy generation, Making more renewable energy options available to the public etc. For now at least we are seeing an improvement in renewable energy and we return to the question at the top of this blog “Could this be a turning point?”

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