11 Jul 2018

You may have seen in the news that there has been a big push to get renewable energy to the forefront of energy production. It’s been on the agenda for years and as technology has progressed it renewable energy has moved along but not quite close enough to take the top spot from its Nuclear […]

26 Oct 2017

You may have seen or heard that most heating systems now require a magnetic filter to be fitted. The are usually added on new boiler installs or systems that are less than 5-6 years old. In this short blog post we will explain what the magnetic filter is and how it works on the newer […]

25 Oct 2017

There have been many improvements in home heating over the last few years and one of those improvements has been the introduction of the Condensing boiler. From combination boilers, Conventional boilers with a hot water tank and external oil boilers condensing boilers are now becoming more and more commonplace. What this article aims to outline […]

21 Sep 2017

As you have seen in the past C&T have been happy to sponsor Ospreys Lock Adam Beard, Now a few months on we are happy to announce that we now also sponsor Winger Keelan Giles. As always we wish Adam, Keelan & Ospreys all the best of luck for all their upcoming games.  

16 Aug 2016

C&T Eco Consultants have been in contact with the Ospreys, After some talks we are happy to announce we are now sponsoring Ospreys player Adam Beard. We wish him all the best for the 2016/2017 Season. See our announcement on our Facebook page:¬†https://www.facebook.com/CT-ECO-Consultants  

16 Aug 2016

After announcing C&T are sponsoring Adam Beard of the Ospreys, The official Ospreys Rugby page on Facebook shared our announcement and welcomed us into the Ospreys Family, We wish them all the best in the coming season and beyond.  

16 Jun 2016

We have all seen different types of heating controls you can use in the home to make it energy efficient but¬†sometimes they can seem quite complicated, below we will explain the function of the thermostat and how it has changed from the conventional wall mounted room thermostats. These thermostats we include with all of our […]